Twin Bay Danes

Harlequin and Mantle Great Danes

welcome to twin bay danes!


We are expecting puppies!!  Ultrasound confirmed that Evie is in whelp with Sawyer pups!  This is a 2014 Futurity nominated litter.  Please see our Planned Breedings page for details! 


We are located in Traverse City, Michigan.  We are owned by and exhibit harlequin and mantle Great Danes.  We are also active in Great Dane rescue, with older Danes occassionally available.  We are very passionate about our dogs and treat them as members of the family.  They are raised and kept indoors with our young daughters and other pets.


We breed only the occassional, well-planned litter, with the goal of improving upon the breed with each generation, and only with the intention of keeping a puppy for ourselves.


I must graciously thank Linda DeVincent, of DaVinci Danes in Tennessee, for trusting us with our first show Dane, and also with Evie.  She has been a wonderful friend and mentor!


 Member of the Great Dane Club of America